Maria Antonietta Marino Date: 2020-06-08

Those of you who have come to know Mudita well will know that community and communication live at the core of everything we do. This year, we’re looking to put all of you lovely people well and truly ‘on the map’.


It’s a pleasure for us to announce that in the coming weeks, we are going to be adding an interactive map to the Mudita website, showcasing where all of our professionals are located across the globe – with your permission to be featured on it, of course!


mudita map



As well as providing a visual overview of where potential colleagues, contacts and comrades are located around the world, the profiles will also highlight the professions and industries of those who choose to be featured. The idea is that the map serves as a workspace and a community for people and businesses who value diversity, have an understanding of different audiences/ environments, and are looking to exchange ideas, suggestions and resources with like-minded individuals.



What the map is NOT at this stage is a place to advertise businesses without any commitment to adding or bringing value to our community. It’s our view at Mudita that business with others can only really be entered into once relationships have been established anyway, so rather than ‘drop and run’, our interactive map will instead promote a ‘stay and learn’ culture, instead.


The community is open exclusively to members, so registration will be required, but we promise to make it as simple for you as possible. The last thing we want you to have is a million and one passwords and passcodes. Membership will be safe and secure, and will give you the opportunity not only to feature on the map, but also to have access to the forum so that you can make meaningful connection with other members. Whilst we won’t be directly promoting or endorsing products or services on our members’ behalf, we’ll be more than happy to share and allow content created by those who have joined our community that promotes in a way where true value is offered. So, if you’ve written blogs, articles, papers or books, or have created graphics, visuals or videos, then providing your creation offers value to our community members, go ahead and share. No ‘out of context’ direct sales pitches allowed – save that for LinkedIn!


mudita forum



Whilst we look forward to growing a global community, we are passionate about cultivating a welcoming space that encourages relationships. Learning opportunities are valued over large scale networking, which let’s face it, is faceless. Quality beats quantity every time in this, our innovative learning environment,


The Mudita community will always be a ‘grown up’ place, if that makes sense? We welcome members to present different views, share new perspectives, hold genuine curiosity about others, and above all, be respectful of other people bringing different cultures, viewpoints and ways of working into the group. After all, this is the very principle upon which Mudita was founded. Trolls need not apply. Again – save that for LinkedIn!


Keen to learn more? Watch this space or drop us a message!




PS: This is why Mudita needs and values local expertise

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