In today’s world, big business is global business.

Organisations are growing, and are doing so by developing - or even setting up from scratch - in new countries and territories. Business growth also sees companies taking up opportunities to outsource aspects of their work to overseas professionals.

It’s a time for great opportunity, but it’s also a time that brings great challenge.

Breakdowns or even complete non-starters in communication between different cultures and nationalities can lead not only to strained relationships and slow developments, but in the worst cases can lead to complete project cessation and irreparable PR damage along the way.

Mudita, a consultancy service specialising in intercultural communications for growing businesses, bridges the communication gap.

When it comes to money, time management, power dynamics, and the expectations of working relationships, cultures can vary significantly across the world and within different nationalities. Having someone in your corner of that world to bridge the gap in allowing both cultures to work together harmoniously and profitably is why Mudita is becoming increasingly popular as a business support for organisations looking to expand or outsource on a global scale.

At the head and heart of Mudita is Maria Antonietta Marino, an Interculturalist with an academic background in Human Resources Management and a professional working background in global sales that give her a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience of global cultures operating in the world of business.

Maria works with clients all over the world in either an advisory or training capacity. She identifies challenges and opportunities, and provides workable solutions to help organisations expand or outsource into new territories in order to boost branding as well as bank balance.

It’s the Mudita philosophy that global expansion in any form can be hugely profitable – but only if such a move is carried out with knowledge and understanding of the working culture of those within the expanded or outsourced team. Maria herself studies extensively away from work to further her understanding of the psychology of people, believing that we often overlook the concept of human beings (clients, staff, stakeholders) at the heart of things when we do business.

Don’t know your polychronic practitioners from your monochronic managers? You need to give Maria a call.

About Mudita Consultancy