Mudita Consultancy specialises in intercultural communication for businesses that seek to bridge the cultural gap in the global workplace.


Why Mudita Consultancy?

We believe in cultural relativism as a solution to the problem of ethnocentrism, and, through our consultancy and training services, we aim to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, provide a different perspective on diversity, and facilitate cross-cultural interactions.

Organisations are growing, and are doing so by developing - or even setting up from scratch - in new countries and territories.

Business growth also sees companies taking up opportunities to outsource aspects of their work to overseas professionals.

About Mudita consultancy

Expectations of working relationships, power dynamics, time management, conflicting priorities, customer service…these are some of the many aspects of corporate life that are perceived differently (and vary significantly) across different countries and nationalities.

Whether you plan to expand, outsource on a global scale, or capitalise on your current business model, Mudita works with you: together we will turn cultural diversity into an added value, a unique source of strength, a key driver of continuous innovation.

About Mudita consultancy

Meet the founder: who is Maria?


Hello everyone!

I’m Maria: Mudita’s founder, interculturalist, and “self-appointed communication genius” with an academic background in Human Resources Management and a professional working background in global sales. Originally from Italy, I moved to Dublin thirteen years ago.

Before I chose Ireland as my second home I’ve lived in other European countries, I speak three languages fluently, and, even though you may think that’s why I consider myself a communication expert, that’s not quite the case: I’ve learnt through “field experience” how challenging adapting to new ways of doing things can be, and such experience has made me highly aware of the effects cross-cultural miscommunication can have on both personal and professional relationships.

Mudita consultancy Maria Antonietta Marino

Furthermore, working in multicultural corporate environments has been a truly eye-opening, thought-provoking, ever-changing adventure that provided me with an in-depth understanding of how global cultures operate in the world of business.

I founded Mudita driven by passion for human behaviour, hunger for knowledge, and a strong desire to help people and businesses resolve communication issues.

I’m a communication facilitator, intercultural mediator, and holistic thinker who believes that cultural sensitivity and clear communication are the key elements of outstanding business performances.

Mudita consultancy Maria Antonietta Marino

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