Corporate services

Mudita provides Diversity, Equity & Inclusion solutions tailored to individual business needs, with the aim of maximising revenue opportunities through culturally informed decision-making.

Services include:

Access to resources

Sometimes you simply want access to documentation that can provide you with the guidance and answers you need, and access to someone who can support you as you work to grow your business. Mudita provides a range of free self-study resources-- information can be tailored to your needs, upon request.

Business consulting

Sometimes you need more than just documentation and self-study. Together we will analyse the components of the specific situation (behavioural patterns, expectations of desired performance, etc.) in order to implement a strategy that enhances cultural diversity in a given area of work. You will have access to practical tools to prevent and resolve conflicts within multicultural teams, and gain the necessary knowledge to plan effective HR acquisition and retention strategies.

On-site or Remote training, cross-cultural coaching, and events

Mudita offers different training and coaching options. Together we will identify challenges, explore opportunities, and dive into "real life" scenarios to understand what issues might have an unwanted impact on your plan to expand into a global market. Training and coaching focus on teamwork, with the aim of integrating different "human components" into a corporate culture that requires shared values, ideas, and priorities. Together, we will implement strategies to overcome obstacles due to cross-cultural misunderstandings, to maximise the added value of diverse cultural contributions.

Mudita Corporate services

Mudita is founded on the principle that global expansion is profoundly worthwhile and profitable if it is undertaken after making the necessary preparations to understand as much as possible about the modus operandi of colleagues, collaborators, customers, and suppliers whose cultural background is different from our own.

We often overlook a simple truth: the world of business revolves around human beings.

Our proposals

Initial consultation session (30 minutes):

free of charge

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Customisation of existing site resources for a specific company/context/audience:

price, to be determined, is based on the type and amount of work involved.

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Business consultancy:

€850 for the initial consultation, which includes a detailed analysis of current and potential challenges to be solved, and an action plan to minimise their impact and maximise opportunities. Subsequent consultancy pricing, to be determined, will then be agreed upon based on the type and amount of work involved.

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On-site or Remote training, cross-cultural coaching, and events:

the price is based on the type of training required, the type of event planned, and their duration.

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Services for individuals

Are you a student or professional about to start a new adventure abroad? Have you recently arrived in a new country and still feel like a fish out of water? Do you wonder how best to overcome the challenges you are or will soon be facing along the way, and think you could benefit from coaching tailored to your background and needs? In each of these scenarios, Mudita provides you with the support you need.

Contact us for a free cognitive session at [email protected].

Mudita services for individuals

Our proposals:

Cross-cultural coaching for expats:

€150 for the initial consultation (the introductory meeting preceding the consultation is free of charge). Together we will make a detailed analysis of your situation, and we will formulate a personalised action plan to turn obstacles into opportunities.

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