Though many clients contact Mudita after they’ve attempted to begin a global relationship alone and have found themselves faced with barriers, organisations looking to work on a project ‘from scratch’ - in order to make sure that their expansion or outsourcing into new geographical areas is successful, streamlined and profitable - are equally welcome.

The needs of every business and every client are unique, and so Mudita provides a tailored working process to the projects presented to each individual team.

The Mudita offer of business support generally falls into three key areas:

  • Human interaction. Get in touch, so that we can talk through your expansion or outsourcing challenges and opportunities when looking to work with different nationalities and cultures. This is a popular service as issues can be addressed in real time and processes can be applied almost instantly. We’ll only finish up our conversation when you feel fully confident in the information you’ve been given.

  • Access to resources. Sometimes, you just want black and white access to documents, media or downloads that can give you the information you need on paper, and serve as an ongoing source of reference for you as you take on the important task of growing your business. Mudita provides a variety of free resources on the website, but information can be tailored to your exact requirements, target areas and challenges, and sent directly to you as a go-to resource for your global growth.

  • Onsite/Remote training and intercultural coaching. Mudita offers different training and coaching options to clients across the globe to ensure that businesses can grow in the most effective and efficient way when considering international expansion. Together, we can identify all challenges, explore all opportunities, and have a ‘real life’ look into issues that may have an impact on the plan to successfully and efficiently expand your business into a global marketplace

Whatever method works best for you to ensure efficiency in your workplace understanding and business growth, Mudita will be in your corner to support.


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