Mudita provides tailored solutions to individual business needs, with a view to maximize revenue opportunities through culturally informed decision making processes. Services include:

Access to Resources.

Sometimes, you just want black and white access to documents, media or downloads that can give you the information you need, and serve as an ongoing source of reference for you as you take on the challenging task of growing your business. Mudita provides a variety of free resources for self-directed learning: information can be tailored to your requirements and target areas, and sent directly to you as a go-to resource for your global growth.

Business Consultancy.

Sometimes, you need something more. Together we will investigate and analyse behavioural and performance patterns to implement a bespoke approach to cultural diversity in the workplace. You will have access to practical tools to prevent and solve conflicts within multicultural and cross-functional teams. You will acquire the knowledge to design and implement effective Customer Acquisition and Retention strategies.

Onsite/Remote Training, intercultural Coaching, Speaking Events.

Mudita offers different training and coaching options. Together we will identify challenges, explore opportunities, and have a ‘real life’ look into issues that may impact your plan to successfully perform and grow in a global marketplace. Training and Coaching support a clear understanding of team dynamics: the objective is to integrate in a company culture that requires working towards a common goal through shared values. We will implement strategies to overcome roadblocks to cross-cultural proficiency.

It’s the Mudita's philosophy that global expansion in any form can be hugely profitable – but only if such a move is carried out with knowledge and understanding of the working culture of those within the expanded or outsourced team. We often overlook a simple truth: the concept of human being (clients, staff, stakeholders) is at the heart of all the things we do in business.

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