Outside Business Hours

Outside Business Hours

“Outside Business Hours” is Mudita’s section dedicated to society, travels, and the exploration of the cultural aspects hidden below the waterline and, therefore, invisible to the casual observer.

Here, you’ll find posts about customs, artworks, languages, rituals, etc. typical of countries you might visit on holiday or during a short business trip, and travel advice that will hopefully help you make the most of your experience by looking at things from a “culturally aware” perspective.

This section aims to explain how cultural dimensions impact every aspect of life, put concepts like “high-context culture”, “collectivist culture”, or “honor culture” into a daily, “ordinary”, local context, and suggest activities, places to visit, and books to read to gain a better understanding of such contexts.

With full awareness that 2021 is a challenging year for the travel and hospitality industry, travel recommendations will only include tours that will be available starting from 2022 onwards, tours that comply with local legislation in the context of Covid-19, and several virtual tours to take from the safety and comfort of our homes.


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